of all types

In our company with our 48 years of experience, we provide consistently guaranteed work.


We give you a solution to any problem in the flange area.
With the right know-how and experience, we are able to manufacture all types of gaskets,
specialized constructions, reinforced in all thicknesses and with the best European materials.

Our gaskets have been tested even under the most challenging conditions (increased horsepower, turbo, nitro, dragster racing) and have earned the best reviews in the field of automotive, motorcycle and outboard engines. We also manufacture diesel, agricultural, compressor, industrial and refrigerant gaskets based on a sample.

Car Gaskets

Burning, Turbo, Valves, Karter, Exchaust

Motorcycle Gaskets

Bases, Disks, Exchaust, Burning

Machinery Gaskets

Generator, Kompresser, Skaptikon

Yacht Gaskets

Plastic, Bases, Protective